primix lloyds awardPRIMIX has received an extraordinary 25-year Quality Management Excellence Award from Lloyd’s.


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primix menger vraagThis news article explains the operating principle of the static mixer through a number of illustrative examples. Want to know more about how static mixers work, what they can be used for and the benefits of them, then it’s definitely a good read.


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Primix ISO9001:2015

Is a transition to ISO9001:2015 self-evident? For PRIMIX it certainly is. PRIMIX recently went through the transition process for the transition from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015. It also renewed its European PED 2014/68/EU Module H1 certification for the manufacturing and application of pressure components.


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Static mixers blending large volumes of gasesAs part of the HS Group, TLT (India) integrates specialist Primix static mixers in its installations for use in the steel industry, where blast furnace gases are mixed in large quantities in a very homogeneous and highly controlled way. The plants make a rapid switch between different mix compositions possible, which is a requirement in many factories.


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static mixer leaflet esDue to a sharp increase in demand for the Primix static mixers from, among others, Middle and South America, Primix has expanded the website to include the Spanish language as of April 2018. This simplifies the provision of information about the products in these areas.


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