Design vision

Design process

We at PRIMIX believe that maximal and long lasting achievements during the process can only be realised by an appropriate design. In the design, we combine our extensive knowledge in the field of fluid dynamics with a meticulous way of working. All parameters and pre-conditions are considered before the design process is started. We think beyond existing paths and thus develop solutions for new applications and complex issues. Only when we are sure that all parameters are mapped, do we design the ideal mixer or heat exchanger for your process. The certification and classification are seen as an integral part of the design process. This results in components that deliver maximum performance during the process and also meet all certification and documentation requirements.

It’s all-in the design

At PRIMIX design is more. It includes the engineering and thinking through the process with the client. Clearly defining the relevant parameters and where necessary daring to ask critical questions. This with the aim of obtaining maximum performance in the process . The intended design is entirely calculated in our own PRIMIX Dynamics software and afterwards is designed in SolidWorks®. The design instructions and calculations are based on strict criteria formulated in the current industrial design standards for high pressure devices. PRIMIX is also ISO-9001 certified.

Producing and supplying appropriate documentation - now and in the future

Design also means certification and making sure the documentation is correct. It is also important to carefully file the detailed drawings and calculations so that in future the appropriate support can always be provided. During our after care we can adjust your mixers and heat exchangers with these accordingly, should any process adjustments be necessary.

The packaging is an important part of the delivery

At PRIMIX the client can be sure that all our products will arrive intact and in good condition. PRIMIX sets the highest standards for packaging, shipping and delivery; we are very careful about it and do not try to economise on packaging and delivery costs because we know that the packaging is the business card of our company; our clients see this first. We pack in strong cardboard boxes, pallets or specially designed export packaging for any given specific order. For this we cooperate with an internationally renowned packaging company. Wooden ISPM 15 (International Phytosanitary Measure 15) packaging suitable for air and/or sea freight to anywhere in the world, and also suitable for long-term storage, are also used. Via Track and Trace you can always follow the status of your delivery, fast and simply.

PRIMIX performance - more than just parameters

In our field of work it is always about the decimals. Not surprisingly, because accuracy regarding hygiene or homogenization in the food and chemical industries are crucial. All PRIMIX static mixers and heat exchangers are therefore delivered or tested with sensors and measuring equipment, making optimum monitoring and control possible. On line at any time. But ... not everything can be measured with instruments. For example the appearance or taste of food. Therefore PRIMIX always looks beyond the hard figures, does research and gives the right solutions for these dimensions too.

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