PRIMIX is a global company that provides industrial solutions for mixing liquids and/or gases without rotating parts. Whether you are looking for a mixer solution for a large-scale chemical process, cooling food or mixing nutrients in horticulture, PRIMIX offers you the right solution.


Own production of static mixers and heat exchangersPRIMIX has existed for over 30 years and has acquired a reputation as a worldwide supplier and manufacturer of high performance static mixers and heat exchangers. Because of numerous unique PRIMIX inventions our products are ideally suited for clean processes, CIP (Cleaning in Place), low and high temperatures and diverse viscosities. Any conceivable combination of gas and liquid and solids (powder and small particles) can be mixed, emulsified, suspended or subjected to a thermal treatment, with the static PRIMIX mixer.



Manufacturer with own production of static mixers and heat exchangers

PRIMIX as a manufacturer has their own production facilities, engineering, quality control and customer section. We also do R&D in cooperation with the TU in Eindhoven. Many of the mixers and heat exchangers are developed custom made on the basis of the client's process application. This is done with a lot of attention to detail by our well trained workforce.



Worldwide available

PRIMIX exports its own products around the world and works with representatives abroad. Wherever you are active in the world, PRIMIX offers a suitable solution for your process issues. In the development phase we are involved in factory design and often work closely with engineering firms. In a later phase, we assist where appropriate, with the installation of the systems.


Solutions for cooling, heating and mixing in process flows

With the PRIMIX static mixers and heat exchangers you can reliably and continuously mix, process and condition liquids, gases and dispersions. PRIMIX mixers and heat exchangers are not only developed for processes with large flow-through diameters of 2 meters, but also for small processes in pipes of 2 mm. The components are dimensioned based on the expected volumes, with a finish that is industrially accurate, robust and/or completely hygienic. Very small static mixers often are used in R&D research applications and pilot plants.


PRIMIX advantages for you

    • Very efficient static mixers and heat exchangers that are connected 100% to the process
    • Energy saving and cost effective, durable and maintenance free technology
    • Partner for engineering firms and the industry with worldwide support
    • More than 30 years of experience and a great deal of knowledge of fluid dynamics
    • Mixer dimensioning and design with PRIMIX calculation software and 3D CAD-software
    • Full mechanical and performance guarantee
    • Single Source – In house engineering and (certified) product facility for fast and reliable delivery
    • State of the art R&D - with support from TU Delft and TU Eindhoven
    • Flexible organisation with short lines of communication