The PRIMIX spiral shaped mixer element is the basis of the PRIMIX static mixer heat exchangers which can be used for the inline heating and cooling of products.


Because of the sophisticated construction, the PRIMIX heat exchanger takes a unique position between the current shell and tube heat exchangers. All PRIMIX heat exchangers are designed and produced to client specifications. The heat exchangers are available for the treatment of particularly high viscosity liquids.


Spiral heat exchangersSpiral heat exchangers - faster refresh, better mixing

The design of the spiral shaped element naturally takes care of an increased heat transfer - by up to a factor 3. This is caused by the strong radial flow which causes an increase in the refresh rate on the inner walls of the process pipe.


20 to 100% more heat transfer

The applied Advanced Connection Technology (ACT), between the tube and mixing elements has a resistance to heat transfer which is equal to the resistance of the base material of the tube and element. Due to this characteristic, the surface area of each mixing element starts to behave like an additional heat-exchanging surface, which in comparison with the conventional heat exchangers results in a 20 to 100% improved heat transfer.


Read more about this increase in heat transfer in the explanation of the operating principle of the heat exchanger.


Advantages PRIMIX heat exchanger

  • Special manifold - mixer connection possible, resulting in true plug flow - this avoids product degradation
  • Improved heat transfer - which results in 30 - 40% less weight
  • Lower pressure drop in product and on the side of the service liquid
  • Lower volumes and shorter residence times


Options and implementations of the heat exchanger


Options and implementations of the heat exchanger

  • Demountable
  • Honed inflow sides
  • Polished





It’s all-in the design

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At PRIMIX design is more. It includes the engineering and thinking through the process with the client. Clearly defining the relevant parameters and where necessary daring to ask critical questions. This with the aim of obtaining maximum performance in the process . The intended design is entirely calculated in our own PRIMIX Dynamics software and afterwards is designed in SolidWorks® . The design instructions and calculations are based on strict criteria formulated in the current industrial design standards for high pressure devices. Read more about the PRIMIX design perspective.