Static mixers and heat exchangers for pharmaceutical industry - CIP cleaning

PRIMIX is a manufacturer and supplier of static mixers and heat exchangers for the pharmaceutical industry. With over 30 years of experience we offer through static mixers solutions for the mixing and production of various types of pharmaceutical products, including medicines.


static mixers and heat exchangers for the pharmaceutical industry

Within the pharmaceutical industry aspects such as CIP cleaning, smooth and / or polished surfaces and sanitary fittings, are of importance to achieve the lowest possible germ count. Reality has shown that by applying static mixing elements and by the achieved increased product velocity alongside the inner wall of the tube, the by PRIMIX applied mixing element with respect to an empty tube after CIP Cleaning, provides a considerably cleaner result. The subsequently measured bacterial count is minuscule. PRIMIX static mixers can be produced with very small diameters at a high-quality, so they are also suitable for smaller scale processes within the pharmaceutical industry.


Applications of the PRIMIX static mixers and heat exchangers are as follows:

  • Penicillin production

  • Inhalable insulin production

  • Cooling and / or heating steps

  • Detergent production

  • Production or mixing cosmetics

  • Pasteurisation and/or sterilisation

  • Mixing additives into soap

  • Continuous reactor processes

  • Producing pharmaceutical intermediate products


Case study data sheets: