PRIMIX static mixers are applied in in-situ leaching processes for obtaining minerals, including, for example, uranium. In this process, the mixers are used to dilute sulphuric acid (H2SO4) to the correct concentration.


On-site leaching process for mineral extraction

In the in-site leaching process, also referred to as in-situ recovery (ISR), or solution mining, minerals like uranium and copper can be retrieved from the ground through boreholes. In this process, the minerals that are present in the solid substance are dissolved in an acid that is pumped into the ground.

static mixers uranium 


Sulphuric acid injection

The sulphuric acid is injected through a PFA-lined Caron or Stainless Steel T-piece, placed at the static mixer’s input.


Low pressure drop

The mixers are specially designed for the extreme corrosive application and offer a typical pressure drop of less than 0.5 bar.


More information about sulphuric acid dilution in a continuous process?

You can find more information about the mixing of sulphuric acid in a special case study sheet about H2SO4 dilution. Of course, you can always contact us or one of our partners directly as well.

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