Static mixers – tubular mixers

The static mixer is a tubular device that is used mainly for in-line processing. The word 'static' means that there are no moving parts unlike a stirring mechanism. The mixing takes place because of the shape of the mixer elements that are fitted inside the tube. The mixing energy is produced by the fall in pressure across the apparatus. In comparison to alternative mixer devices on the market, the static mixer is characterised by low investment and operational costs. A PRIMIX static mixer is often used in processes where people are looking for process optimisation in the sense of product improvement and cost control. A static mixer can be used for both single or multiple phase mixing.

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Static mixers from stock

The variations available in the static mixers that PRIMIX manufactures are virtually endless, such as the diameter, shape and number of mixer elements, fixing methods inside the elements' housing, the construction material, the connections, and a possibly integrated injector etc.. Therefore PRIMIX also builds static mixers to client specifications. Exceptions are the static mixers from our Quick Delivery System (QDS) Programme, that can often be supplied within 48 hours. Click here for further information about our fast delivery static mixer programme.

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The static mixer heat exchanger

The PRIMIX static mixer enables you, next to controlled mixing, to improve the heat transfer within heat exchanging processes. The use of these mixer elements in tube heat exchangers provides, especially in applications where viscous liquids need to be cooled, a significant improvement to the heat transfer, which means a more compact heat exchanger can be constructed. For applications where a short residence time and a minimal residence time spread play a role, compact design has big advantages.

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