PRIMIX is a manufacturer and supplier of static mixers and heat exchangers for urban and industrial water and waste water treatment. With over 30 years of experience we offer through static mixers solutions for conditioning, aeration and disinfection of water.


Static mixers and drinking water treatment

Static mixers and heat exchangers for drinking water treatment

Facilities for the production of drinking water often make use of the principle of continuous mixing when treating and conditioning the water. Depending on the source of the drink water, several steps will be required in any production facility in order to make the water suitable for human consumption. The PRIMIX static mixers can be precisely tailored to the process of performing optimum processing or conditioning.




Applications of the PRIMIX static mixers and heat exchangers are as follows:

  • Ozonation of water – blending ozone

  • Desalination of sea water

  • Disinfecting water

  • Adding carbon dioxide to mineral water

  • Conditioning of water (pH and temperature)


Static mixer and waste water treatmentWaste water treatment, industrial water purification and sewage water purification

Water purification, also called waste water purification plants, purify the waste water from households and businesses. For this biological, chemical and physical processes are used to treat the waste water. The treatment of waste water and the removal or neutralization of chemical and biological contaminants prior to discharge, is the most important function of a purification plant. PRIMIX provides solutions for efficient mixing of additives while the downtime remains limited.



Applications of the PRIMIX static mixers are as follows:

  • Aeration of the water / oxygen blending

  • Anoxic Mixers (de-nitrification)

  • Slib Mixers / Conditioning

  • Flash / Rapid Mixers

  • Carbon Mixers

  • Flocculators

  • Fermentationers (aerobic/ anaerobic)

  • Neutralisation Mixers

  • Lime slurry mixers

  • Foam mixers

  • Equalisation mixers

  • Mixing HCL, NaOH, H2SO4, lime in waste water


Process water treatment and other water treatments

At many points in the process industry various types of process water are used. Examples include H-water or water in which certain additives are mixed in as part of the procedure. These streams of water are not suitable for consumption. In most cases the work is done in a continuous process when making this type of water, for example from drinking water, and a static mixer is then the obvious device for administering doses and mixing them in. PRIMIX is a major supplier of equipment used in water mixing and process water treatment.


Applications of the PRIMIX static mixers and heat exchangers are as follows:

  • Blending of two streams of water at temperature

  • pH correction by adding lye or acid

  • Brine dilution for discharge at sea

  • Mixing in salt dilutions and re-mineralization

  • Coagulation and flocculation - groundwater treatment


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