Static mixer research & development

Static mixer and innovation

We at PRIMIX find innovation an important part of our business. PRIMIX has partnerships with TU Delft and TU Eindhoven and several contacts with leading researchers in fluid dynamics. For issues that go back to the basics of flow patterns, answers and solutions can be found. Innovative methods are known that can actually make the flow patterns, that are created by the use of various types of mixing elements, visible. The test results of these measurement methods provide an insight into reality and are much more reliable than CFD techniques. The details that deliver practical measurements are particularly high; CFD can only approximate this because the amount of data that would be required to generate a comparable picture is enormous, which highly taxes the computer systems. The necessary limitations therefore produce a worse insight. PRIMIX's vision is that, in the case of complex flow problems, we can offer the client cooperation with R&D and have scientific research done on the basis of consultancy.

Example of research static mixers - paint industry

The craft industry, such as the paint industry, is often based on semi-batch processes that work with open vessels that are stirred by large stirrers. For cost reasons, mostly initiated by environmental improvement measures, it is often necessary to install expensive vapour extraction and processing plants. The transfer of this type of process to a continuous process can then be attractive because it greatly reduces the cost by using relatively small equipment. This kind of change over is often difficult because the exact mechanisms of the process are not known in detail.


Research is then necessary to record properly the parameters that determine the quality of the final product. Once this is known, the transition to continuous processing becomes possible. Where mixing plays a role, a static mixer is useful. Advantages of the static mixer are the absence of moving parts and shaft seals, very low maintenance, no leaks, a predictable homogeneity, low investment, and the ability to easily scale-up. It is expected that many industries will eventually make the change, and indeed, it has been happening for some time already.

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