Biofuels and PRIMIX static mixers and heat exchangersDue to rising fuel prices and more strict environmental rules, biofuels are increasingly popular. This increases the demand for equipment that can produce high-quality biofuels such as biodiesel.

Biodiesel production - solution for consistent mixing and temperature control

PRIMIX manufactures static mixers / heat exchangers that are tailored for biodiesel production. Not only do they provide a consistent mix of the diesel, vegetable oils and the catalyst, but they also provide an optimal control of the process temperature.


Additional advantages of the PRIMIX static mixer / heat exchanger;  

  • In-line mixing in a continuous process
  • Option for multiple injectors (Interference oils and catalyst)
  • Easy to build into existing pipe
  • Short installation length
  • ATEX Ex II 2DG certified (option)
  • No mechanical or electrical components
  • Very homogeneous temperature distribution within the process
  • Explosive and potentially toxic process media are reliably mixed and heat-treated
  • Proven track record in bio fuels, tank farm mixers and ULSD production


Partly because of the operational benefits, the number of systems used in the biofuel industry grows steadily. To further inform the industry PRIMIX has released a case study sheet for this specific application. Download the data sheet on the following page: Static mixers for biodiesel production.

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