microreactor1This article is a joint publication of InnoSyn and Primix realized by R. Reintjens, M. Rijkers and R.J. Wakkers.


Flow chemistry and microreactor technology finds their way more and more in commercialization of chemical specialties processes. InnoSyn B.V., inventing, developing and implementing processes in one go, adds to boosting this trend, by connecting microreactor 3D printing services with a large range of specific applications.


Optimizing chemical processes and reducing overall cost

Flow reactors accommodate reactions under extreme conditions, unthinkable in batch reactors, thanks to employing excellent heat and mass transfer. Residence times are typically reduced by a factor which is a multiple of ten, and coupling of consecutive reaction steps is straightforward. All this enables kg/h-production in fume-hoods (as illustrated), swift reaction optimizations and short development time (typically, one year from lab to plant). Last but not least, improved process control requires less operator and quality control attention. All accumulates to less investment and production cost.


Bespoke mixer elements for heat and mass transfer in flow chemistry

Also Primix B.V. recognized flow chemistry opportunities a long time ago, which go far beyond mixing of streams. Primix specialized mixing elements fit for every application the heat and mass transfer requirements. Also integrated flow reactors on pilot and commercial scale (succeeding 3D printed lab reactors) is recognized as an important development area.


Multipurpose flow reactor with helical mixing elements


Recently, InnoSyn invested in a multipurpose flow reactor containing Primix helical mixing elements, as illustrated above. Another versatile asset for future process developments. Flow chemistry is where InnoSyn and Primix met!


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Learn more about the chemical process research and development solutions of InnoSyn on their website. More information on helical mixer elements and internals and the static mixer design process.


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