distributor mexicoPRIMIX is very pleased to welcome Cramix-Fluidmix Group (CFG) as their new exclusive distributor for Mexico. With a continuously growing network of distributors PRIMIX can now provide an even wider global service.


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primix warmtewisselaarsIn cooperation with their German partner BE.ST GmbH, PRIMIX recently obtained a very large order for the supply of almost 200 mono tube heat exchangers that are going to be used in a production process for synthetic fibres. This order is the largest lot-size order that PRIMIX has ever received in its history.

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multi stage mixerA multi-stage static mixer is the perfect solution when a small flow of additives needs to be mixed into a main flow that has a (very) large turn-down ratio. In practice this often means for example adding just a few litres of additives into a main flow that can vary from 10 - 100% of the normal turn down ratio.

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injectorsStatic mixers are widely used in the water industry to mix specific chemicals in water, at water treatment and wastewater plants, in the production of drinking water and desalination plants. It is mainly the "trouble free" operation, 100% uptime and the high degree of homogeneity, which make the static mixer an ideal tool for the water treatment industry.

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fpsoBefore export gas is introduced into a pipe system, for further transport, several parameters of the gas are measured by, for example, ultrasonic measuring devices. Often condensate is also being admixed in the gas stream. Condensate is a product that rapidly condenses to a liquid. When the gas composition is not mixed well, measurements will be unstable as a result of the liquid present. This results in diagnostic values which lie outside of the specifications which is not acceptable for any further transport of the gas.

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